Welcome to the Smile Project! + 28 Days Of Kindness

Hello, and welcome to the Smile Project! Today is the day we finally launch! First of all, I want to thank all the awesome volunteers who helped me to launch at least a month earlier than I could ever have dreamed.

Thanks to:

Megan, for helping to design the blog, and for helping to spread the word, which got me a lot of amazing volunteers. THANK YOU, MEGAN!!!

Josie, for helping with graphic design. THANK YOU, JOSIE!!!

Mahriya, for  spreading the word, and helping with graphic design. THANK YOU, MAHRIYA!!

Gracie, for suggesting kindness ideas. THANK YOU, GRACIE!!

And so, so, so many others!! THANK YOU, ALL!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

And next, I present to you, 28 days of Kindness, for February 2017.

The graphic was designed by Josie. Thanks again, Josie!!!


-Write kind messages on your driveway/sidewalk in chalk for people walking by to see (I think I got this from an American Girl activity)

-Donate clothes and things that you don’t need to a charity
-Do a siblings chore for them
-Help your parents around the house (or yard!). They have a lot to do!
-Write a kind letter or card to a friend or family member and send it to them in the mail
-Bake your neighbors cookies! (or some other treat)
-If you and your family are Christian, simply ask your family members how you can pray for them (I am a Christian, so that’s why I include this one)
-Comment nice things on people’s blogs (especially newer ones, or less popular ones)
-Smile, and be kind and positive today!
-Buy your younger (well, older works too!) sibling a surprise treat (can be small, like a
piece of candy) while out shopping!
-Reach out to the new girl at your church/school and be friendly! She’s probably a lot more nervous than you are, and you might even make a new friend!
-Don’t gossip
-Be there and Listen when your friend/family member is down.
-Be an example worthy of being followed–you never know who’s watching!
-Hug your parents
-Volunteer to help at an animal shelter, charity, food bank, or something like those (or
even your church!)
-Find a way to use your talent/hobby to bless others (For example, if you are studious you could help friends study, or if you love crafts you could make someone a gift, etc. You could also sing or play an instrument at a nursing home.)
These were all suggested by Gracie, and I added the bit about the nursing home on the last one.
– Leave a treat in your mailbox for the mailman. He delivers your mail almost every day!
– Make Lollipop daisies and hand them out. (Tutorial coming soon!)
– Make your parents breakfast in bed.
-Leave change in a parking meter about to run out.
-Pay for someones groceries.
-If you have a friend/family member sick in bed, or with a broken bone, bring them a little gift. A box of donuts, a game to play in bed, a book, etc.
– Read aloud to a younger sibling, or help them with their homework.
-Remember to thank your server next time you go out to eat!
-Prepare a meal basket, and deliver it to the local food bank. For instance, it could include pasta, tomato sauce, cookies, etc.
– Make a batch of Blessing Bags and keep them in your car.
– Leave a couple of dollars in the dollar section of Target, or at the dollar store. Preferably in the toy section, so a kid will have a chance of finding it.
Well, that wraps up this post!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week, and I will be back with another post on Wednesday!

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